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Liz Barker Changed by Chance

Elizabeth Barker, Author and Speaker

Elizabeth Barker spent years planning and working hard to achieve her version of the American dream – one that is supposed to culminate in parenthood and the role of supermom. But when her first child is born with Down syndrome and a fatal heart condition, her dream suddenly becomes a nightmare. And that’s only the beginning…

Liz’s new reality is a detoured obstacle course of life altering encounters, medical mishaps, a breast cancer diagnosis, and cruel hardships. From the moment of her daughter’s birth, she is pummeled with life lessons that no schooling or formal education could have ever taught her. Can Liz keep her sanity and some semblance of her former self alive and well through all of this?

Changed by Chance: My Journey of Triumph Over Tragedy is a courageous story of soul searching introspection about how this champion acquired the necessary life skills to Triumph over Tragedy. Her inspiring journey offers a road-map to others who may face their own bumps in the road.

This stunningly honest and intimate memoir is a moving and inspiring testament to the enduring power of love to strengthen us and heal us after even the most challenging of obstacles have been thrown our way. Liz Barker is the mom we all would wish to be.
Emily Perl Kingsley, Author and Emmy-award-winning writer for Sesame Street
Liz’s story is so real and relatable. You will be struck by her candor and inspired by her strength.

Her “Angel Moments” as she describes them, reminds us that we really are spiritual beings having a human experience. You will read some rather amazing, magical moments of synchronicity and foreshadowing. Her grateful attitude has fueled her with positive energy to attract good things despite being challenged by many, many difficult moments in her life. She has definitely “Triumphed Over Tragedy” and continues on a positive journey. She reminds us all that we can triumph too.

Nancy P. Ottaviano, WinningEDGE
Elizabeth Barker had to learn the hard way about being an advocate for health care. Readers will gain inspiration from her tenacity, courage, and passion, and the positive attitude that enabled her to live beyond the loss of her child, as well as part of herself, with a breast cancer diagnosis.
Jean Sachs, MSS, MLSP, CEO of Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Elizabeth Barker’s remarkable story offers valuable life lessons and inspirations. It reminds us to greet others with open hearts and empathy because you simply don’t know the obstacles that they have overcome. It is a compelling tribute to a truly special child.
Catie Tobin, Head Correspondent, RBC Wealth Management
“Changed by Chance” is an incredibly touching story which triumphs your strength, courage and resilience in the face of life altering hardships. Your willingness to bravely share your most personal moments, from Lauren’s tragic death to your breast cancer battle, will help and inspire others who have to battle their own adversities. Your experiences are life lessons to others. You are a uniquely strong and good person. I am happy that you are part of my life!
Gina Bacci
You truly don’t know a person’s heart until you’ve walked in their shoes.

Liz, you have earned every one of your stripes. Adversity makes us stronger and what you’ve been through just shows how you can overcome it.

Linda L.
I’ve known Elizabeth Barker for many years – or so I thought…

After reading excerpts from her forthcoming book, I now know her painful past & I applaud her for the courage to share it to help others.

Susan G.
I must tell you that I started reading the book and I am about halfway through. Haven’t been able to put it down and I’ve been brought to tears on numerous occasions. It’s very touching and I find myself thinking about your Lauren often.
Cheyenne Palma Dominguez, President, Femfessionals Philadelphia
I am so inspired by your ability to follow a dream and achieve it. Hats off to you for accomplishing something many of wish to accomplish, but set it aside and eventually render it an impossibility. Your book has set me on a path.
Denise P.
Kudos to you, Liz. I want you to know how proud I am that you have brought such an admirable dream to realization. It took lots of sowing and watering, but it will bear lovely fruit.
Beth C.
I just wanted to tell you that I started reading your book late last night intending to just look at the introduction and possibly delve into it further tonight. I had a very difficult time putting it down! Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. I applaud you for getting your thoughts on paper to share with the rest of us.
Lisa J.
I started reading your book late at night and finished it the next morning – I could not put it down! I cannot believe everything you went through and I truly admire your courage and strength.

I could relate to your frustrations with certain doctors and insurance issues. I got angry when reading that part of your story!! I was forced to file complaints at a local hospital when my dad was ill.

You are absolutely right about being your own advocate and asking questions. Doctors are not always right – but intuition and gut feelings usually are.

I know in my heart that your daughter, Lauren, is an angel and she is always with you. I get chills just thinking about it. You have a beautiful family and an amazing gift – thank you for sharing.

Terry F.
This riveting memoir recounts the tragic circumstances surrounding a baby and her mother as they are forced to navigate their way through medical mishaps, the bureaucracy of insurance nightmares, and astoundingly poor communication from indifferent and harsh medical providers. A story of loss and suffering that has etched itself forever in my heart. That the author survived is a truly miracle. And what she shares shows the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love.
Irene A
The book is a heartbreaking, inspirational story of perseverance through a maelstrom of tragic events that Barker manages to triumph over.

The experiences in this book seem almost too harrowing to be true, yet the author’s intelligent, clear prose will keep readers grounded.

Readers who might scoff at her consulting an astrologer will likely change their tunes after she reveals how the traditional medical community repeatedly failed her.

It’s food for thought for every reader.

Kirkus Review