As you can gather, part of my blog is about my long time quest to share my life altering events by writing a book. The intent is a win-win proposition, whereas I might gain closure by sharing my story, while possibly offering guidance and inspiration to others going through their personal crisis. When my roller coaster of events finally stopped after 5 tumultuous years, I began the book writing process in earnest. It was exciting to outline the chapters, do book writing research, start the agent/ publisher query process. Unfortunately, the grim success rate for a first time author set in. I needed to refocus on my career and earn a living. The “dream” had to be shelved until the right time and the right place revealed itself to me. But, I kept thinking about how my astrologer had cryptically forecast that I would be “in the public eye”, highly successful, and thoroughly rewarded by such a venture.

The shelved dream gathered dust for over 15 years as I raised my 2 sons and built up my business to create a nice life for our family. Through the years, as I dutifully worked, my radar was constantly on, seeking that right time, right place, right opportunity to dust off the dream.

Last year, which would have been my daughter Lauren’s 25th birthday, I felt inspired to commemorate her with a “Fun(d)raiser” for a special needs children’s program. The event was highly successful. The support and care from so many people was euphoric! I hadn’t felt that energized or positive about myself or my capabilities, in years. As a result of my hosting and giving to that worthy event, it gave back to me. It gave me the confidence to dust off the dream and to begin this book writing process anew. What followed next was a series of chance meetings with new contacts, through professional networking, that helped me to move forward with the dream quest. And now with today’s social media and varied publishing options, I think that the right time has finally arrived. Stay tuned with me as a passenger on this evolving journey of the book dream quest to experience the people, the places and the events that it takes us to.

This reminds me of Steppenwolf’s 70’s classic rock song -Magic Carpet Ride…“you don’t know what, we will find, come along with me little girl, on this magic carpet ride…”

Hopefully now then, the former rough roller coaster ride will become a smooth magic carpet ride.