I am often asked lately, “How did you ever create and write most of your book in just 5 months”? My quick reply is, “I simply had to transcribe the story that existed in my mind of those 5 tumultuous years in my life”. Because the book is a personal account of events, I did not have to plot a story, create characters, or dream up dramatic scenes. Sadly, there was so much tragedy in succession that I had no need to wrack my brain to conjure up great story lines. That period of my life was a ready-made soap opera. My personal reality show was all there for the taking. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, it lay dormant for 15 plus years – until now.

Fate was cruel to me back then, pummeling me mercilessly. As the blog/book title states, I may have been changed by chance, but I refused to be defeated by it. I was determined to fight it. Obviously, as I am here now, I did win those battles. But, my intention is to do more than settle a score. I want to share my story and my strategies so that others can be inspired and informed to win in their struggles.

Recently fate has been much kinder to me. Perhaps, as my astrologer foretold, my stars are aligned now. Or, maybe it is my new yoga practice that has set me on a better path in the New Year. Whatever it is, a ball has been put into motion. A positive path of serendipitous events and personal encounters have begun, one leading to another lately. It is exciting to experience these events as they unfold. I invite you to join me and share in this journey. The next blog will explain when and how this ball got rolling and how the book quest dream came alive again this past fall.

The book status is this – all but the last chapter was written by me from January – May. I then turned the manuscript over to Tim Vandehey, the professional writer that I am working with. Tim is a renowned author who was ghost writer for fellow Philadelphian, Vince Papale’s “Invincible” book (which became a movie). Tim edited my chapters and streamlined the story. We are now in collaboration regarding final edits. After we concur on the final edits, we move on to explore publication opportunities, speaking engagements, and hopefully an option for a movie.

Meanwhile, as the project develops, my blog and tweets will keep everyone in the loop of this book quest journey. My blog will be interwoven with: snippets of the background story, book progress, and advice for self help. I have interviews scheduled with fascinating people. Of special interest will be holistic healing and integrating alternative or natural healing with traditional therapies and treatments. For example, rather than treatment with just surgery and drugs, complementing these with the natural healing elements of massage, yoga, mental therapy, natural remedies, etc. There is a great deal of fascinating stuff out there to explore and discuss. I also plan to interview other people who are champions of their lives despite adversity.

You’ll have the option to provide your email so that you can be notified whenever I have a new blog post to read.

So, please stay connected and help me go for the gold medal.