We don’t see the word “apothecary” much anymore. Apothecary is an old fashioned term for a pharmacy or drugstore. “Holistic” refers to taking an all encompassing approach to a situation or treatment of a patient.

Phyllis Bucci of the Holistic Apothecary Dr. Phyllis Bucci, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) paired these two concepts together to launch her practice and her shop, aptly named Holistic Apothecary, in the charming town of Ambler, PA. Although I know Phyllis from many years ago, when my son Bryan and her daughter Franca were classmates. Phyllis always impressed me as a genuine people person and though I had read about her shop and practice in the local paper, I hadn’t seen her since it opened. As I have mentioned, a number of chance encounters and connections have occurred to me recently on my book quest journey, each bringing me closer to my goal. Re-connecting with Phyllis is one of these events.

It came about quite serendipitously when I had a conversation with Fran Kelly, a personal trainer and fitness expert in Lafayette Hill, at a social event. When I told Fran about my book, she suggested that I visit with Phyllis regarding her unique practice and shop. Bingo! This ties in perfectly with my health and wellness theme. I am very much a believer in the mind, body and spirit connection to optimize health. It is unfortunate that today much of modern medicine has abandoned this holistic approach to prevention and treatment. I am convinced that my breast cancer was due to my grossly weakened immune system. My mental state and physical body were thrown onto a high speed roller coaster when Lauren was born unexpectedly with Down’s Syndrome and life threatening health problems.

Visiting with Phyllis at the Holistic Apothecary

Visiting Phyllis’ shop was a wonderful experience. I especially love her artistic logo on her window and sign. Inside, the shop is magical. The cozy space if filled with homeopathic remedies, herbs, crystals, oils, incense, books & CDs, jewelry and a menagerie of metaphysical items. Most important though, the space is filled with Phyllis’ vibrant and positive energy.

Holistic Apothecary in Ambler, PAWe sat down to talk about Phyllis’ practice and what she offers. She is a naturopathic and holistic physician as well as a certified herbalist, Feng Shui consultant, and a Reiki Master. In a nutshell, she utilizes her skills and an intelligent computer program to help diagnose deficiencies in your body that may be manifesting into physical ailments. The naturopath approach is to diagnose and treat to hopefully correct the body’s imbalance that is causing the ailment, rather than simply placating or neutralizing the ailment with a drug.

Phyllis’ naturopathic philosophy is that she is somewhat of a “lifestyle MD”. That there is indeed a mind, body, and spirit connection to illness and wellness. Her dream is to educate people about the natural workings of their bodies to promote wellness. I was having a minor health issue recently and the diagnostic test confirmed my symptoms. I had been to a specialist for it and I was basically told that it was something that I’d have to live with and manage. Instead, Phyllis advised a homeopathic remedy to me to stabilize this issue. Guess what – as of this writing, the remedy IS helping me!

The morning that I spent with Phyllis in her shop was quite an experience overall! I met some of her clients as they came in and heard their treatment success stories. It had to be fate that “Beth” came in with her special needs son for a consultation and treatment. Beth told me that the counseling and remedies that they have taken from the shop have had a tremendous positive influence on her son’s condition. Her work with Phyllis produced life changing results that traditional medicine did not attempt to address. It was an inspiring story. I also met a few of Phyllis’ affiliate associates who teach and offer classes at her shop – Becky Cohen www.thepathtoheal.com and Rachel Pontillo www.holisticallyhaute.com

My few short hours at the shop filled my head with interesting new perspectives and ideas about health and wellness. The shop’s holistic menu is too extensive to list here, but you may learn more at their website www.HolisticApothecary.net. There are an array of classes, counseling services and consultations. I was especially intrigued to learn that there is a medium and a card reader available. I immediately signed up for a card reading. (I’ll write about this also in a future blog) I encourage you to take a look at the website and to stop in to see Phyllis. At this time of year, Ambler’s main street offers a stroll filled with restaurants, boutique shops, and a great movie theatre.
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