We celebrated Bryan Scot Barker’s 22nd Birthday this week!

Every birthday milestone of his is especially poignant to me. Because I am reminded of what we went through together when I was pregnant with him. The words still haunt me…He may be small…He may be slow…we just don’t know….

Some may say that I spared his life during our ordeal. But actually, it is he who saved my life! If it weren’t for him, I know that I would have ignored that lump in my breast. Yes, it is he and a total stranger named Rhonda who saved me from a likely fatal disaster. Rhonda is just one of the guardian angels noted in the book that intervened on my behalf.

We are in the final stages of writing “Changed by Chance…Champion by Choice” and I can’t wait to announce to its publication. Please stay tuned on the blog for a forthcoming sample chapter and then availability of the book.