Although summer is gone and the leaves are losing their greenery, we are now treated to a more colorful pallet of nature’s paint box. I love the red, orange, yellow & purple hues of the leaves, mums, and pumpkins. I enjoy the “Indian Summer” warm fall days without the humidity and the blazing sun. Fall evenings are cool and perfect for sleeping with windows open. There are fun flea markets almost every weekend.

When the boys were young, I loved our field trips to pumpkin patches, corn mazes and haunted fields with them. A favorite of ours was Merrymead Farm. Now, without them, Jim and I make our trip solo to local Maple Acres Farm to gather my fall decorations – a bale of hay, cornstalks, pumpkins, and mums. See photos of the front of my house decorated for Fall. I think that I missed my calling as a decorator.

I’ll miss sitting out on our awning covered deck for late summer dinners. I’ll miss swimming in the pool after work (now drained and covered up). And day trips to the NJ shore for a mid-week mini break.

But it is nice to have seasonal weather. When we were out in Scottsdale, we spoke with several of the staff at Camelback, who are long time residents of AZ. Many stated that their hot, dry weather was all they knew. Though I loved it while I was there, it could grow old real fast, I thought. Constant warm, dry heat with little rain would be boring after awhile. The vegetation there is pretty limited, without many flowering plants and limited to cacti varieties. We are fortunate here to enjoy seasons and change.

One day, I hope to be able to take a New England Fall Foliage tour, something that we have never done. Maybe after Bryan graduates from Penn this year…