If you know of anyone touched by breast cancer, whether it is as a patient, a family member, a friend, or caregiver, please pass this website on to them. Although LBBC serves as a national resource to those linked to Breast Cancer, we are fortunate to have the home base for the national organization right here in Haverford, PA.

LBBC offers several conferences throughout the year & in several cities, that are of great value for those seeking information, support, and solidarity. I was a volunteer at their recent Fall Conference here in Philadelphia. I must admit, it was a sobering event for me this year.

You know that I am a 21 year survivor now and I am only age 55. Alive at 55 I like to say. As each year passes in remission, I think less and less about my past. Like you, I am busy daily with work, family, etc. and often have no time to dwell on myself.

Seeing a room full of 300 women who have been affected by Breast Cancer and knowing that there are thousands more out there in the US is somewhat unsettling. Learning that some of them have battled it twice, with a re-occurrence, rattled me. It made me realize just how fortunate I am! I was diagnosed young, while pregnant, and am a long time survivor now. By a show of hands that day, we 20 year+ survivors were a minority in the room – disturbing to say the least. It made me go where I dread to go in my thoughts – will I ever have to battle Breast Cancer again and will I win that second fight?

I can’t dwell on these thoughts though. It is my positive thinking that made me the champion that I am. I need to continue my optimism and my other lifestyle habits to stay healthy. Practicing yoga, writing my book, staying connected with family and friends, my work, and volunteering to give back to others, is all cathartic for me.

As a conference volunteer, I met a woman who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She came alone and looked lost as she entered the room. I could see the trepidation in her eyes when we met. I took her under my wing that day and introduced her to others and guided her. I know that she left that day better off than when she arrived and that made me feel good.

Although it gave me an uneasy reality check, I met so many wonderful women that day who are all champions. Sharing our stories and experiences through LBBC, we help each other. In turn, our combined efforts may save a life by our touch.

I am looking forward to volunteering at LBBC’s annual signature event in November – The Butterfly Ball. It is a black tie fundraiser that often has celebrities in attendance. It will be fun to dig out a cocktail dress to attend. I’ll blog about it afterwards to share details with you.