I just read a great line in the Wall Street Journal this morning. And before you jump to conclusions about me reading the WSJ, I want to explain…

I have always been an avid reader of news. And, I like reading it the old fashioned way, in print, unlike my sons, who read everything online. For 20 years+, we were subscribers of our beloved Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. But the “Inky” has been an embattled business these past few years. The end result is that I felt that the paper was becoming too thin on news and much thicker on advertisements.

So, despite Jim’s complaint, I cancelled the daily Inquirer subscription, (I kept the Sunday edition), and set up a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Everybody hates change and this was no exception for Jim. He assumed that the Journal would be all boring business, economic and financial information. Reluctantly he began to read it though.

Guess what? We both discovered what a gem of a paper it really is! Yes, it does have a great business and financial section and is heavy on that theme, but the stories are often related to everyday themes and topics. And, it has great articles on: style, travel, recipes, art, books, music, science, etc. After finding a fantastic salmon recipe and an article about bourbons, Jim is now hooked on the paper. Last Friday they had an article about gel nail polish vs. regular manicures or tips. Just in time for me to try a gel manicure. (by the way, I love gel and it does last 2 weeks with no chips!)

Ok, now that I have changed your perception of the paper, I’ll get back to the line that I read that made me stop and think. It was:

I thought that this was clever and thought provoking. It’s one of those life lesson things and it reminds me of what I experienced in my book several times.

If I wasn’t receptive, open or aware of opportunities to help me, I might not have made it, or be here today. Through my experiences, I learned that, no matter what is happening, there is always a solution and a way out. But you must recognize opportunity or help and act on it before it disappears.

“Carpe Diem” friends!