I recently had lunch with my friend, Marie. As we chatted and caught up with each other, I explained to Marie what I had been up to this past year with my book project. I excitedly told her about this blog, and how I wanted it to be a forum to share information and to feature interviews in line with what my book is about: life champions, special needs children, breast cancer, holistic health, fitness and patient advocacy.

It was then that Marie revealed something to me that I had never known about her. She is a blogger too! Her blog, “Rie’s Ride” riesride.blogspot.com, comes from a shortening of her name Rie and the Ride signifies her “vehicle” for her blog forum. I thought that was very clever and had no idea that Marie liked to write.

Wisdom from a Life Champion

Our lunch was not intended to be an interview but, as is the case with so many things that have serendipitously happened to me this past year, it became one when Marie allowed me to share her inspiring story.

Marie suffers from a chronic bone degenerative disease called Osteonecrosis. This devastating disease was the aftermath from a freak illness many years ago that began with an unchecked food poisoning. Since then, Marie has had multiple surgeries and fights a daily battle to keep her symptoms in check. Marie is also recently in remission from a cancer.

Despite these adversities, Marie is a Champion! She is adamant that hardship is not going to depress or defeat her, nor stop her from moving forward with her life. Marie enjoys her wonderful family and is a friend to animals. She is an accomplished equestrian and volunteers at the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center.

Marie started her blog as a personal creative outlet but she wanted to do more. She ambitiously founded The ON/AVN Support Group International Association, Inc. avnsupport.org which supports people worldwide that are afflicted with this disease. Its website is a valued resource for patients to share medical info and stories and I have been proud to support her as a member of the Board.

Marie shared with me some of her wisdom and beliefs that have kept her strong over all of these years. This philosophy has encouraged Marie to focus on the positives of her life and to constantly move forward, seeking new experiences and opportunities, and to not dwell on the past.
If the rest of the world shared her positive fortitude it would be a better place for all.

Marie, I dub you a Champion by Choice! Giddyup girl!