I read this quote around Thanksgiving. This is one of those quotes that you’ll read and you will want to pause to think about it. The words are powerful and the message it fitting for everyone at any stage in life.

Be truly thankful for what you have and consequently the happiness and energy that you generate will reverberate and come back to you with more. One of Oprah’s mantras is the power of “The Laws of Attraction“.

On the contrary, if you focus your time and energy on the negative – what you don’t have, and ignore your present positives, you will constantly be unfulfilled and likely unhappy.

My takeaway on this quote: It is not healthy to be so complacent with yourself and your life as to be unmotivated or not ambitious to move forward. However, It is healthy to have a true appreciation of your present accomplishments while at the same time understanding that it is important to have reasonable personal goals to aspire to for personal growth. And the key is to tailor these goals and ambitions to your life and not to “Keep up with the Jones”.

Happy Holidays to All!