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Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Make your mess your message.”
“Bloom where you are planted.”

These are two of my favorite thoughts from inspirational speaker, Kim Players, because I relate to them. Both reflect what my book’s themes are – Deal with what life throws at you, even if you are deep in manure at times. Survive and thrive with it!

I recently met Kim when she was the guest speaker on the topic of “Success Secrets of Women Who Influence”. Kim is a personable inspirational speaker and an expert in assisting women to define their destiny and to step into their greatness. But what is so memorable about Kim is her self-styled “Kim-isms”. These thoughts or Kim-isms are her trademarks. They are life lessons with humor.

I felt synergy with Kim because she shared her personal past and detailed how she evolved from it and into her present field. I nodded as she spoke about the adversities that she overcame to become the champion that she is today. She has not only triumphed over tragedy, she has made her mess her message of success. Our messages and missions are similar.

Teach others how to succeed in the face of challenges and to become a champion.

Kim has a number of events coming up and they are all posted on her website at If you need help with those New Year’s resolutions that we talked about or, you simply want to re-ignite your inner fire, attend one of Kim’s energizing workshops. You’ll leave ready to incite action!

Carole Pepe, Kim Players and Liz Barker

“Your past is not your potential.

In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.”

– Kim Players


Dan & Ginny Mulhern - February 6, 2013 - 12:17 AM

so glad you are finally getting your message out—-I remember watching you on the Merv Griffin show and just thought how brave you were then and always admired your energy. Remember getting together on Sundays and you would have 5 things planned before you could come. I see now that was your way of coping—just keeping busy. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

I always remember how you would try to do so much each day. It doesn’t surprise me that with all you’ve got going on (still working) that you thought you would find the time to write a book. You never cease to amaze me, I admire your energy.

Liz - February 9, 2013 - 6:12 PM

Dan & Ginny,

Thanks for the kind words about me. I am so fortunate to have good people like yourselves in my life. And although you 2 have moved clear across the country to CA., whenever we see each other, it is as if you are still here in PA. We simply pick up where we left off…

You are spot on about my personality too. Perhaps the reason that I survived all that I did, is that I kept busy. If I were busy, I did not have time to mourn what was lost. I got busy with what I had to do to overcome the obstacles that were in my way. In retrospect, constantly looking ahead and not behind, was my formula for success. Thanks for commenting. Keep reading till we meet again!

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