The holiday festivities are over. We are deep into winter and spring is too far off for wishful thinking. On dreary days, we could all use a ray of sunshine.

My fellow blogger and author, Kasey Matthews, recently shared this link with me entitled “Anything is Possible”. Kasey sent it because she knows that my book and blog theme is about being a Champion in the face of adversity. And boy, this is one P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L video!

If you need a glimmer of sunshine and a spark to ignite your inner fire, please treat yourself to watch this 4 minute video about Arthur. You MUST see the very end! Arthur’s transformation is amazing. I guarantee that this will lift your spirits.

I loved this video because it substantiates the synergistic power of the mind, body and spirit connection for strength. Like me, Arthur decided that he would not give up and that he wanted his life back.  He is a true Champion!

I really want to hear your feedback on this one.