Have you seen the recent commercials out on TV now to promote Florida orange juice?

There are a couple of versions of it but all have the same premise. The actors sit at their breakfast table with a cast of characters who spew out all of the challenges that the actor will face that day – computer crash, car trouble, family problems, etc. The actors smile, take it all in stride and then sip their OJ.

This phrase then pops on the screen “Take on the Day”.

Their message is – if you have a healthy breakfast that includes orange juice, you can take on the day and better handle any adversity that comes your way.

Shannon and I were talking recently about my book and possible speaking engagements. She asked me to formulate an agenda of advice as to how I took on my challenges to become a champion. A “recipe for success”, if you will.

Well my “breakfast of champions” would need to include more than just OJ and Wheaties for fortitude. My recipe for success includes feeding not just the body, but also the mind and soul. Each needs to be nourished to face down and win when life challenges confront.

I’ve talked about yoga which awakens the soul and empowers the body.

I believe that our mind is our most powerful tool. If you can focus and master it, you can master the body. With these two things in sync, everything and anything is possible.

As I ricocheted those 5 years from one challenge to the next, I always kept my focus, my positive thinking, and relied on my inner logic and spirituality to guide me. I’ll share more about this in future blogs.

Meanwhile, I’d really like to have you share with me here what helped you through your tough times. Perhaps your experience as a Champion can inspire others and help them succeed as well.