I have to apologize again about my scarcity of blogs recently. Please forgive me and hang in. I’m going through a rough patch and I value your loyalty as a reader. My excuse is valid.

Do you recall that I had mentioned that my 80 y/o mother suffered a freak fall just prior to Thanksgiving? As I was celebrating the blissful culmination of writing the entire first draft of my book, this horrific accident happened! Ironically, this mishap took place just as Tim told me that things would be quiet in the publishing business until the New Year. Hmm… this timing made me think about the saying – “things happen for a reason”. Spooky. If the accident occurred earlier in 2012, I may not have been able to stay focused to write my book.

This misfortune has wreaked havoc on the entire family, especially me. As the eldest and most savvy child regarding business and benefits, I possessed the experience to navigate this medical maze. It was I who had to “take the wheel” of the family bus. My sister Rose, who is an RN, has been a valued co-pilot.

It’s been 3 grueling months of driving while I’ve juggled: my full-time job, my household, my book & blog project, and the responsibilities of my aging parents. Oh, and don’t forget, (as per my Fabulous Shoe Night blog), that I had foot surgery on Jan. 2nd too! Thankfully, my boys are not so dependent on me at their ages.

Whew, well we are finally seeing the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. My mother will be discharged from rehab very soon. Her prognosis is unclear, but we are optimistic about her walking and mobility. I am in the process of: staging and selling their home; relocating them to a lovely apt. in a senior community; and organizing and streamlining much of their life tasks, paperwork, etc. for simplicity and efficiency.

As I reflect on these past weeks, I’ve experienced a ton of emotions, all without the crutch of my beloved yoga practice (due to my foot surgery) – Shock, as fate cruelly turns lives upside down again; Fear, of the unknown and what the future holds; Sadness, for past estrangement and time lost; Anger, from dredging up unresolved family issues; Renewed love and forgiveness, as we realize the role reversal that we are all engaged in now – child taking care of parent.

I once said to Tim, “Gee, how will I follow up Changed by Chance with a second book if I am given the opportunity”? “What life lessons or championship story can I tell”? Well, once again, truth is stranger than fiction. And this scenario has developed into another worthy narrative that continues to unfold and whose ending is far from over.

At the start, I had sad memories of the terrors of hospitalization and the cruelty of life threatening infection that took our Lauren’s life. As the saga progressed, there were similar patient advocacy battles needed, just as we had with Lauren. In her case, it was her Down’s Syndrome. In mom’s case, it is her age prejudice.

Indeed, these past few months of new, yet familiar, experiences have taught me more life lessons again. As my sons watch this drama, I can see that they are learning and understanding more too.

I promise that the creative juices will be flowing more liberally going forward, now that much of the hard part of this journey is done. Stay with me now to watch what happens next. I am off this week for a much needed vacation to Mexico and to recharge my batteries. I hope to be inspired by either the authentic margaritas or the mystical ancient Aztec ruins.

Adios Amigos!