This blog title refers to our weather. Here are 2 recent photos of mine.

The first is a picture of my family and me at the beach for my Birthday weekend. What is extraordinary about it is that it was taken in the middle of winter on January 20th. As you can see, it is a magnificent day – sunny and so warm that we did not have to wear our coats!
Author Liz Barker and Family from Changed by Chance, Champion by Choice

The second image is one that I took today in March, one week into Spring.
It was literally freezing and snowing heavily. Go figure…
Spring Snow Storm Image from Author Liz Barker of Changed by Chance, Champion by Choice

Each is beautiful and special in its rareness.

Days such as these are inspiring. They make me pause to reflect on the beauty of nature, and to be thankful that I am healthy and alive to enjoy them. I made the time today, before another busy workday, to snap this photo and to contemplate with childlike wonder the dichotomy of the two. It also reminded me that I need to stop more often to take pleasure in each day.