Author Liz Barker and her sons James and Bryan Barker

James, Liz and Bryan Barker

This past Mother’s Day was an extraordinary one for me and my family.

After numerous sad and difficult past Mother’s Days, we have come full circle now. Hopefully this positive trend will continue in future years. I’d like to one day be able to enjoy a future Mother’s Day as a proud grandma.

Please help me to cheer & congratulate Bryan Scot Barker as he graduates from the University of Pennsylvania. In a few weeks, he’ll be off to University of Virginia for his graduate work. I am grateful each day that the doctor’s prophecies for his future were wrong and that both of us are healthy to enjoy this day!

The photos are with: My parents, settled into their new retirement community now, and with Jim’s parents at their home in Roxboro, as well as the lovely spring scene of our backyard in bloom.

Author Liz Barker and FamilyAuthor Liz Barker and Family at Univ Penn Graduation for Bryan 2013Enjoy the Spring!