Late last week, I was anxious to see the weather forecast for the coming weekend.

Because this Yoga event is outdoors, rain or shine, on the Art Museum steps, I was glad when the report predicted cool weather and only a possible shower. But they were wrong – about Saturday AND Sunday – I discovered as I headed out at 6:30 AM Sunday in the rain – ugh! My comfort was that, as a volunteer for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, I’d at least have the luxury of being inside their giant tent set up on the sidewalk. But, if I was going to practice yoga in this celebration, with the other 1400 attendees, I might get pretty wet. Oh well, it’s for a good cause.

LBBC hosts 2 major fundraisers in Philadelphia each year: Their Butterfly Ball in November and this Yoga on the Steps in May. I typically volunteer at both, to give back to them for the wonderful support that they offered me when I was undergoing breast cancer treatment.
LBBC Yoga On the Steps - Liz Barker
Within the hour, the tent filled up with people, food and merchandise and the buzz continued until it was time to set up our mats on the steps outside to practice. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the rain had stopped completely as I set up my mat. For the next hour and a half, the crowd of attendees was led in practice by famous yogi instructor, Jennifer Schelter. Under her command, it felt magical and synergistic to be outdoors practicing in tandem with so many people who had such strong conviction to our cause. I even met up with my new friend Josephine, whom I befriended last year.

Author of Changed by Chance, Champion by Choice, Liz Barker at LBBC Yoga on Steps 2013As Jennifer closed our practice, the slow drizzle began again. Honestly, it was miraculous that we didn’t have a drop of rain while the practice was in session. The angels of our dear departed ones, who might have been practicing there in previous years, might have had something to do with this incredible phenomenon. Because both before and after practice, we had rain.

The other great news is that LBBC met and exceeded its fundraising goal for the day with a tally that was over $300,000! I was glad to pay it forward and to be a part of this success today.


Liz Barker at LBBC Yoga on the Steps
Jennifer Schelter at LBBC Yoga on Steps
Liz Barker at the Philadelphia Art Museum during LBBC Yoga on the Steps
LBBC Yoga on the Philadelphia Art Museum Steps
Elizabeth Barker with the NBC10 Peacock