I recently rounded up a couple of friends – Rose, Trish, Lisa and Mary Anne – for a Girls Night Out at the Limerick Fire House. It was a BYOB Basket Bingo event for a favorite charity of mine – Gateway Employment Resources.

Gateway provides services that enable people with disabilities to secure competitive employment while simultaneously educating the community about the potential of these individuals.

Many of the bingo prizes that night were things that we ladies love – Vera Bradley and Coach bags, Wine Baskets and other baskets of trinkets and treasures.

Author Liz Barker at Charity Event

Liz Barker and friends at a Basket Bingo charity event to support Gateway Employment Resources.

This was a fun and easy way to support a worthy charity that reminds me of the challenges that Lauren would have faced if she were here today – finding meaningful work to fill her days post high school, as a young adolescent with Downs syndrome.

I’ve attached a link again to one of the most moving YouTube videos that I love about a young man with Downs syndrome named Johnny, who became a source of inspiration for his community. Take a look at Johnny the Bagger here.

Author, Liz Barker and friends