I am an alumna of Mount St. Joseph Academy high school Flourtown, PA. My class of ’74 graduated just 80 students. Although today’s classes are significantly larger, Mounties are a close knit group. Our quarterly alumnae publication, “The Mount”, is always chock full of exciting current & alumnae student news and endeavors.

I have contributed several articles to The Mount. Last year, I was featured in a 2 page spread with photos about the “Fun(d)raiser” that I hosted in memory of Lauren to benefit The Arc. The article explained how this event magically inspired me to rekindle my book quest journey and introduced my new book blog.

In a recent issue, I noted completion of my book and that I was seeking a literary agent and a publisher to represent my work. I invited readers with contacts in the literary world to connect with me and to visit my blog site.

A few days later, I received this incredible, tender email from Karen.

Wow! Powerful stuff! Shannon and I were amazed by Karen’s sincere comments. I was compelled to learn more about her life’s experiences. Karen has graciously allowed me to share her personal thoughts in this blog. During our long chat, I learned that, mysteriously, Karen had never read my original 2 page article about Lauren and the inspiring fundraiser. It is pure serendipity that she saw and acted upon this last article in the magazine, just at a time when she was in a deep slump about her life and needed inspiration. She confided that since she’s had this epiphany, those close to her have marveled and asked “what has changed you?” I’ve got goose bumps over this…

I talk about “angel moments” in my book – the people who magically appear at just the right time to help me with some very difficult situations. I am truly amazed that I may have just paid it forward and given Karen an “angel moment”. In turn, her feedback to me has given me a renewed faith in the importance of getting my book out to inspire others to be the Champions that they are capable of!

I look forward to hearing from many more people like Karen who will become life warriors like me.