Elizabeth Barker and Family at Cape Cod WeddingHonestly, it doesn’t cease to amaze me how yoga inspires me!

The cool thing about practicing yoga for physical exercise is that it is simultaneously a mental workout too. Actually, it is a mental time out. You are forced to clear your mind of the day’s stress and activities and to instead focus on the present moment of your practice. I always leave the studio feeling both mentally & physically refreshed.

Today, the last thing that our instructor spoke of before we settled into closing meditation of savasana was the miracle of rainbows.

It was timely because we have had an unusually cool & rainy spring this year. And, I just witnessed a rainbow recently while up in Cape Cod for a family wedding. The day before the wedding, as we drove for hours to our destination, it poured. People were drenched as they arrived that evening for the rehearsal dinner. But, by the next afternoon, it had all cleared away and the bridal party gathered on the beach for photos. Almost like magic, just as they did, a rainbow appeared in the sky as their backdrop!

On another occasion, when Jim and I were in the Caribbean on a week long sailboat trip, during our first night on board there was a terrible thunderstorm. Not much worse than being on the water, rocking with the waves and wind and worried about lightening striking the tall sailboat mast if you were on deck. Thankfully that too passed and the next morning, a huge rainbow appeared.

And so, the instructor reminded us that we will all encounter storms in our lives from time to time. And that we need to flow with it, while remaining steadfast, knowing that it will all pass at some point. And that with some luck, at the end of the storm, we may not only go back to our normal, but that we may have the added bonus of a rainbow.

A rainbow is a perfect metaphor for reflection (because it is literally a reflection of light). It will make us smile and remind us of the good things in our lives, whatever they may be. A rainbow teaches us that, as ugly as the storm may be, it will end and we will go on, perhaps changed. Our outcome is contingent on how we choose to be changed, or unchanged, by its turbulence.

This lesson is exactly what I go through, numerous times, as explained in my book, Changed by Chance… I encounter many storms that culminate in “a perfect storm” that threatens me with death. But I weather it all and become a champion by choice. My rainbow from all of my storms is delayed though. Instead, it is occurring now. It is only now that I can reflect back to see the why of what happened and how I was changed for the better with it.

This rainbow after my storms has inspired me to write my book to share with you. My aim is that readers will be motivated with hope when encountering their own storms and to stay resolute until they see their rainbow appear.

This quote about life offers great wisdom and a message: “We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, – but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes