Initially, this quote reminds me of the childhood rhyme about Humpty Dumpty. Except that Humpty was a fragile egg that broke and he couldn’t be made whole again from his shattered pieces.

Although we as people are not cartoon character eggs like Humpty, there is something to be said about how uniquely fragile or strong each one of us may be.

When I meet new people, who learn about the contents of my forthcoming book, Changed by Chance…Champion by Choice, they often marvel at how I was tenacious enough to muster the strength to conquer my numerous life altering challenges.

How I, unlike Humpty, was able to pick up the pieces of my broken dreams and to literally fight for my life back.

It wasn’t easy. And there may be some people who say that they couldn’t do what I did. But that’s why I’ve written my book. My goal is to offer inspiration to those who say “I can’t”. And to give them hope to say “I think I can, I think I can, ….” (As in “The Little Engine that Could” story) Sound familiar too?

I suspect that those simple nursery rhymes and stories that we all know and love have hidden life lessons and messages in them, don’t they?

Now for a little music to get you up and “Picking Up the Pieces” from the Average White Band