So many readers have been kind enough to ask me how my parents are doing now, in particular, my mom. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in doing so.
Liz Barker and Family at mom's birthday party
Followers know that, just as Tim and I were wrapping up the entire first draft of my book at Thanksgiving, that my mother had a terrible freak accident. At their home, she fell down an entire flight of steps and ended up hospitalized in ICU for several weeks. She then endured infection & complications that almost killed her. Hospitalization was followed by a couple of months of rehab.

And so, I apologized in a post that my blogging got sparse because I was preoccupied with my parents’ needs. My “book quest journey” came to a screeching halt as I dealt with a myriad of medical, financial, and family issues from this split second, but life altering event. (I’ve had my share of these haven’t I?) The accident set into motion a chain reaction that unraveled life as we knew it. Lots of drama and life lessons to say the least. Chock full of material for an interesting follow up book for me to write…

Anyway, we all got through it. The issues were addressed and dealt with. Thanks to my sister Rosemarie, who is an RN, mom regained good health. Rose was incessant with her needed health advocacy. But, going through the medical maze with mom’s care was like déjà vu for me from Lauren’s care – trying to coordinate and get straight answers from a bevy of specialists about what was happening; being “threatened” with discharge plans that we weren’t comfortable with; her age apathy, etc. Ugh, this ugly drama is all in the book.

Between the two of us though, we accomplished much from Jan. to June. Mom was nursed back to health and they are now comfortably settled into a lovely retirement community in an independent living apt. Their beloved house of 40+ yrs is up for sale. It became apparent that they could no longer care for or live safely there. Their new community offers them lifetime care regardless of how their health may decline over time.

And so, after a 6 month hiatus with my book project, Tim and I are back at work. We are now polishing up a formal Book Proposal that we will send out to hopefully engage a literary agent to represent me. The agent’s job is to secure a book deal with a publisher for my book. My goal is to have a book deal by early Fall. It would be great to be able to celebrate in October which is both Breast Cancer Awareness month and also Down’s Syndrome Awareness month.

On the 4th of July, we held an 80th Birthday party for mom in the activity lounge at Masonic. These are some photos of the event. She’s come a long way from her dismal days of wheelchair confinement! As the Aerosmith song goes, she’s “back in the saddle again”….

Elizabeth Barker Mom's Birthday - Changed by Chance

Liz Barker Family Bowling at Retirement Community

This retirement community is a pretty lively place – Bowling, Pool, Shuffleboard – great party room!