I attend lots of networking functions for professional development for both my financial services practice and to promote my forthcoming book. Most people are more interested in hearing about my manuscript than coming to terms with dealing with their money. (No surprise there) Here are the most frequent curiosity questions that I am asked about Changed by Chance…Champion by Choice. (This will be a 4 part blog to cover all of the questions)

Q: What is your book about?
A: It is a factual drama about an extraordinary 5 year period in my life. During that time, I was challenged by consecutive freak tragedies that threatened to destroy both me and my family. Reality TV is so popular today, the more extreme the better. My life back then could’ve easily been a show.

Q: What do you talk about in this book that makes it so interesting? What topics?
A: What makes it so topical is that the book’s basic premise is one that everyone can relate to. We all have problems at some point in life, some worse than others. What is unique in my case though is, an average person like me was dealt an extraordinary number of life altering challenges, out of the blue, all in a short period of time. It was a domino effect of calamity. It’s a classic story of triumph over tragedy with life and death situations that involve family, especially children. It’s also about the life lessons learned while battling adversaries, whether it was the insurance companies or the medical providers. It’s a guide to becoming your own self advocate and reaching deep within your soul to do what it takes to survive.

Q: Why did you want to write this story and to share it with the world?
A: For a couple of reasons that are all very much intertwined. First, to give myself final closure. Second, because I don’t think that people fully understand the hell that I went through and what an accomplishment it was to get my life back and to be a sane survivor of it all. Lastly, to share with others who may be desperately seeking inspiration and guidance while undergoing their own crisis.

Q: What is the goal of writing this book other than to tell your story?

A: My tragedies and others like them, could have, and likely do happen, to thousands of other people out there. (Likely not so many, nor all in such short succession though). In sharing my story, I hope to comfort others as they work their way through their heartaches. And, to inspire others to know that they too can conquer and win when faced with extraordinary adversity. During those tough years, it was my mentors and the survivors who supported me that gave me the strength to constantly pick myself up after each knockdown. Perhaps I can pay it forward and be a mentor to others by being open with my experiences.

To be continued….