Does Walt die? If so, how?

Breaking Bad Series Lead CharactersThere is a huge buzz out there now about the final season of Breaking Bad starting this weekend. Everyone is speculating how this season will play out following the last episode’s major cliffhanger.
Our son James got us hooked on this award winning show. I am not much of a TV series follower, except for Mad Men, but Breaking Bad just drew me in. The plots’ twists and turns are so well written.

Anyway, what began the whole saga was the fact that the lead character Walt, a chemistry professor, was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. To raise money for his expensive cancer treatment, Walt turns to manufacturing meth. It’s intriguing to watch as Walt slowly evolves from a nerdy science geek into a ruthless killer and drug lord. It is tense drama watching him dig himself in deeper and deeper into this evil underworld. Even after he had paid for his treatment and gone into remission, he continues on, becoming more and more violent and fixated. His greed for power and money seems insatiable.

We’ve had family discussions about the show: all of the risks that Walt has taken; how he has transformed; how we would have stopped by now, with enough cash for a lifetime; how he is at constant risk to be caught, jailed or killed. We all can’t understand why he was offered a huge “buy-out” and why he refused it, wanting to retain his dangerous drug lord position.

As I watch this intense show, I’m always thinking how foolish Walt is, to be in a constant state of stress due to his risky business. As a cancer survivor myself, I know how important it is to have good mental and physical health to keep your immune system in top form to ward off radical cancer cells.

I am convinced that my breast cancer was due to the extreme pressure that I encountered due to a succession of high anxiety incidents. These began when Lauren was unexpectedly born quite ill and continued on and worsened as things got uglier with other developments. With no family history, with no gene indicator, and with otherwise excellent health, I absolutely blame stress for wreaking havoc with my immune system and for my succumbing to cancer. When you read my book, “Changed by Chance, Champion by Choice”, you’ll understand and feel the intensity of the trauma that I endured. Hopefully you’ll find reading my novel as powerful a dramatic nail biter as the show Breaking Bad is.

So, back to the show…The cliffhanger leaves us with: Walt getting an MRI or CAT scan; his personality softening a bit with some friends & family; and a huge bombshell with his cop b/i/l finding a major clue to his hidden identity. We debated what all of this means for the series winding down and who will live and who will die.

My thoughts are that Walt had that screening test and that the cancer is back. He is scared and that has made him a bit “soft” and remorseful of his past bad behavior to some people. What I am not sure of is how things will play out with his persistent b/i/l and the found clue.

Regardless, if I were to bet, I wager that Walt dies, either by the cancer coming back (likely due to all of the stress that he has endured), or by a gun shoot out with either the law or his ruthless drug associates. Fear and greed will do him in.

What do you think will happen?