I attend lots of networking functions for professional development for both my financial services practice and to promote my forthcoming book. Most people are more interested in hearing about my manuscript than coming to terms with dealing with their money. (No surprise there) Here are the most frequent curiosity questions that I am asked about Changed by Chance…Champion by Choice. (This will be a 4 part blog to cover all of the questions)

Q: Did all of the events in the book storyline really happen? What about all of the characters too, are they actual people? Will your friends and family read about themselves in this?
A: Everything described in the book actually did happen. Nothing has been made up or even exaggerated. That’s what makes this story such a page turner. It’s real life, non-stop drama that draws you in.
As with the plot, all of the characters are people that were in my life. I am sure that many people will see themselves in the book. I was given permission by all of the “good guys” to use their actual names. Naturally, I had to change the names of the “bad guys” for legal purposes. Nothing to hide, it all happened.

Q: Who do you think will want to buy and read this book?
A: Quite honestly everyone and anyone who has a human heart. It is a classic tale of triumph over tragedy. Everyone loves a hard won happy ending and rooting for an underdog to be a champion – think “Rudy”, “Rocky”, even “Cinderella”. It’s easy for all of us to relate to hardship because we all endure it at some point and in some fashion. Reading this story will be a memorable experience that anyone can pull out of their brain when they need a pick me up to carry on.

Q: What would be the ideal dream ending to your “book quest journey”?
A: As most people might answer, “I’d hope that the dream would never end”. Actually, because this is a “book quest journey”, it doesn’t have to have a finale. It can be an ongoing journey for the rest of my life. My immediate dream is to fulfill that prophecy that was made to me so long ago. Sharing my stories and life lessons in CCCC with others would give me a great deal of happiness and fulfillment, much like when that fundraiser ignited my inner fire and my writing passion.

Q: Would realizing this dream change your life?
A: My wish is that it would not only change my life but that it would also change and hopefully better others’. I would like to enter a new phase of my being with a mission to inspire others. And to use CCCC as a perennial example that, by drawing on one’s inner strength and practicing laws of attraction, that the good in life can overcome the bad.

To be continued…