Debbie Walsh Flight 93The original “date that will live in infamy” is December 7, 1941. That phrase was declared by then President FD Roosevelt on the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii during WW II. He coined it because it was a shock to Americans to be assailed on our own home turf.

Subsequently, as we know too well, our 21st century home foreign assault occurred on 9/11/01. This is our generation’s “date that will live in infamy”.

Do you recall where you were when the news broke about this terror? I do. I had an early AM doctor’s appointment for my routine 6 month cancer check-up in center city. As the news unfolded, I was worried that this was a bad omen for my health that day. I was also concerned because I was in the city, a potential next target, and not in my usual suburban setting. Walking back to my car that morning, I could see the fear in the eyes of those that I passed. I became panicked when my cell phone would not work as the lines were all jammed. I couldn’t wait to get home to be re-united with my husband and sons who were let out of school early. I dreaded going back to work days later when we all knew that the market was going to crash as soon as it opened. This was all trivial though compared to the loss of lives and to the thousands of lives forever changed that day.

Later, I learned that my cousin, Deborah Jacobs Welsh, who was a career airline stewardess, died courageously that day. She was on United Flight 93. It was the only plane of the 4 taken over by terrorists, whose mission of mass destruction in the USA, was thwarted by its passengers and crew. Debby and the 39 other people on board Flight 93 are Champions! They were changed by chance all right, but they chose to be champions in saving thousands of others’ lives without regard to their own fate.

There is now a fitting memorial of thanks to Debby and her comrades in Shanksville PA, the site of Flight 93’s detoured crash. Click here to learn more about this.
Since then, most of us have survived and thrived. My health was fine that day and is now thankfully. There have been many other memorials built to remember this fatal day and to honor the memory of the innocent who lost their lives from this attack.

I’d like to share with you a special memorial to 9/11 that is here in Montgomery County on the property of a local fire house nearby. Its core is two I-beams that were harvested from ground zero. The memorial has quite a unique story to it and the thought behind its design. When I found out about it, I decided to donate to its fundraising by purchasing and dedicating a memorial brick to honor my little girl Lauren who also battled death but died courageously.
Click here for more information about the King of Prussia Memorial the wonderful local treasure and to plan a visit.
Lauren Barker Brick