I met Jennifer last year when she became a regular yoga instructor at the studio that I was a member of. Although this studio had many excellent instructors, there is something extraordinary about a yoga class led by Jennifer. She has a unique way of guiding us through our practice. While we are exercising our physical being with our poses, she simultaneously skillfully channels us mentally with soothing philosophical words of wisdom. Her objective is to make the practice a mind/body/ spirit connection of exercise. In doing so, the maximum benefit is attained.

As I mentioned here previously, I believe that it was my faithful yoga practice last year that enabled me to connect with my inner voice and to write my entire manuscript so effortlessly. In fact, there was a period where I was desperately searching for an idea for my logo and my book title. And honestly, I had a revelation about the logo and the title after a yoga session with Jennifer. It worked!

I had a chance to interview Jennifer about her interesting life and how she arrived at her present destination of Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Guru, Retreat guide, and Personal Writing tutor. I found her to be humble, sincere, inspiring and pragmatic about these roles. I also felt an immediate connection with her when I realized that she is a supporter of breast cancer awareness. Jennifer and LuAnne Cahn, also a Breast Cancer survivor, are friends and have been co-hosts of Philadelphia’s Yoga on the Steps to benefit LBBC for several years now. This is an event that I always volunteer for. And, for more connectivity, my book editor Tim Vandehey has also collaborated with these 2 ladies on their books!

And so, it is no surprise to me that Jennifer is in a stunning photo on the cover of the just published Philadelphia Magazine’s “Be Well Philly” guide. In this holistic guide, Jennifer is listed as one of Philly’s top yogi. Congratulations Jennifer!
Jennifer Schelter on the Cover of Be Well Philly
I encourage you to visit Jennifer’s wonderful new website to learn more about how she may be able to help you find “mindful strategies for living” whether through her yoga classes, her writing workshops, her fabulous retreats to fun places like Tulum, MX or Cape Cod, or simply her one on one coaching sessions. www.jenniferschelter.com

As Jennifer states – “My mission is to inspire and empower you to your next step, which leads you where you want to go”. “I love helping people experience the enjoyment of succeeding on their own terms.”

I think that this is truly meaningful. If Jennifer can assist you in discovering your inner voice and your life desires, and guide you through the steps to achieve these personal goals, you will surely be a happier and healthier person because of it. Namaste`