This horoscope from one of my favorite blogs, “The Daily OM” seemed to be spot on for me this week in reference to my book quest journey and how I am pursuing its success.

What I love about The Daily OM is its continuous stream of sensible and sage advice. Just when I want a pick me up on my long journey, it seems to pop up with just the push of guidance that I need. Actually this advice would work for just about anyone who has a stretch goal that they want to reach. Read this and be inspired.

Proactively Pursuing Success

Aquarius Daily HoroscopeLong Counrty Road Inspiration
“You may be feeling proactive in your pursuit of success today.”

“You may find new ideas popping into your head or meet people that have the missing pieces to your puzzle. With trust in the universe today, you do all you can to actively create the success you seek.”

“To reach for the brass ring you need to believe it’s there so that even if you can’t see it, you can reach for it. Even if you can’t figure out how you’re going to get your hands around it, by keeping your inner vision focused and beginning to walk toward it, the way appears.”

“The path and the end goal may not be visible until just before you reach it, but you must keep walking forward in order to see it. In the meantime, by pursuing all leads and being open to the infinite channels the universe has at its disposal, you may find that you are building your own staircase to the heights you wish to attain, one step at a time.”

“By pursuing your success proactively today, you find enterprising solutions that enable you to reach it.”