Rainbow in MountainsI know that I have mentioned to you one of my favorite blogs “The Daily OM” (as in what we sometimes chant in yoga).

I can honestly tell you that I find almost every one of its short, daily posts to be inspirational to me on any given day. I read them and I see so much wisdom in the words and life lessons. I find that reading the daily oms tees me up in a positive frame of mind to tackle my day.

A recent post was called Cherish the Unexpected. Having gone through so many unexpected tragedies and detours in life myself, I wish that I had read this years ago. The gist of it explains why it is important to understand that life will not always go as we planned and that our journey may be altered by obstacles. But, that instead of seeing disappointment by these changes, we should instead view them as a learning experience and a challenge for us to grow in new ways. In doing so, we can truly live in the moment, go with the flow, and get satisfaction from each event, rather than the negative energy of frustration, fear and disappointment with the altered agenda. Easier said than done, I know…

Unfortunately back then, the internet and its wealth of information and contacts was not available to me. It made coping with the unexpected far more difficult. When Lauren was born, I knew of no one who had a special needs child, or a child that was born with significant health issues as she had. The unexpected was frightening and devastating to me. Initially, I/we had no one to turn to for advice or guidance. I feared not only for Lauren’s life and health, but that of my own too. Would my life ever be the same? Would I be able to adapt and cope? Would I/we be drained of our mental, physical and financial resources from all of this and be ruined? There was a great deal of stress, fear and sadness until support groups were referred to us.

But the bad turns just kept coming at us for 5 unrelenting years – Lauren’s birth, the ectopic pregnancy, the hepatitis infection, the battles with medical providers and the insurance companies over her care, Lauren’s death, breast cancer while pregnant. We barely had time to adapt to one and then another occurred.

Quite honestly, I might not have immediately “cherished all of that unexpected” as it happened, even if I had read this passage. It was all so very different and hard. But, I did constantly remind myself that that there had to be a reason for all of this and why I was chosen to experience it all. And I have chosen to turn this around to be a positive, to tell and write my story. So that I may best honor Lauren and her life, and to spin my story of tragedy and change into a story of hope for others.

Bottom line – Expect the unexpected in life. Learn to cope with its change by drawing on your untapped inner force. You’ll reflect back proudly and enlightened by these experiences, recognizing your strength and accomplishments when threatened by adversity. Remember….

“Life is 10% how we make it; 90% how we take it.”