Pink LolipopsI went to my bank’s drive thru the other day. I was glad to see my favorite teller Sandy at the window. Sandy is one of those few unique individuals who are consistently pleasant, professional, and quick as she services her customers. In fact, I had been so impressed by her manner that I called the bank’s main office to let them know what a gem of an employee they have with her. Pay it forward folks.

Anyway, this bank typically has everything in green, including their lollipops. That day I noticed that the lollipops were a different color – a light pumpkin color? I asked Sandy if they were meant to be orange for Halloween. She replied, “No, these are a pink for Breast Cancer” awareness. (Odd color pink I thought).

And so because Sandy is familiar with me after such a long time of servicing my accounts both inside and at the drive thru, I share with her that I am a long time Breast Cancer survivor of 22 years and that I was diagnosed at age 34 while pregnant. I also tell her about my Book Quest Journey and send over my CCCC business card in the tube.

I can see in her face that she is truly surprised by my revelation. She goes on to say, “Why Mrs. Barker, I would have never suspected this about you”. “You are always so pleasant and upbeat”. “You always look polished and professional when you come in too”. “Wow, congratulations for having the courage to speak up and out about your experience”. “Perhaps your story and your book may help others to have faith and to know that there are long time, happy, healthy survivors like yourself”. “I have a friend who was recently diagnosed”. “I am going to direct her to your website”. “Please let me know when your book is published and available”. (See… another would be reader).

I was inspired by Sandy to write this blog to once again share that cancer, breast or other types, doesn’t stereotype. It is a non-discriminatory disease. You don’t need to be old, unhealthy, needy, or have a family history for it to afflict you. In fact, the incidence of hereditary cancers is low, at about 15%. So, we all need to be diligent about our health. We need to watch and heed the red flags that our bodies may give to us at some point in the future that may be a premonition that something is wrong. Today’s modern world and pace is rough on our physical, mental, and emotional selves.

I often find daily solace at the following website It’s free, very comforting, and offers sage advice and life lessons to de-stress daily. Enjoy.