Elizabeth Rose BarkerWe traveled to Charlottesville, VA recently to visit Bryan. A highlight of the weekend was a trip to the Fall VA Wine Festival that was being held on the grounds of the retreat estate of Thomas Jefferson. Since Bryan has moved south, we’ve learned that Albermarle County, VA is a premier vineyard area with amazing wineries that rival CA.

This festival featured about 20 wineries with tastings, foods, crafts, music, etc., all under big tents.

In between tastings, a table that was decked out in pink caught my eye. It had the familiar pink breast cancer ribbon on its banner. At the table, there was a small Christmas tree all decorated in pink. There was also a bunch of lovely hand crocheted beautiful scarves for sale. As I approached the table manned by two friendly young women, I noticed a photo of a group of friends displayed. The women explained that the scarves and some other accessories were for sale to benefit a dear friend of theirs (in the photo), who is now undergoing treatment for breast cancer and who needs financial assistance.
Elizabeth Rose Barker
I was so touched by this simple story that I filled up with tears, then joy. It was heartwarming to hear their words. I bought one of the beautiful scarves and chatted with them for awhile. I offered them information about Living Beyond Breast Cancer to share with their friend, as well as my blog for inspiration. When I was undergoing treatment as a young woman, the thing that gave me the most hope and determination was to hear about long time survivors, such as I am now. I took photos of their booth and posed for a photo with one of them with my new scarf.

I promised to email them the photos when I got home and told them that they had inspired me to write this blog. As I type this, I am again moved to tears, remembering how kind and supportive people were to me when I needed them most, even “strangers”. Look out for one another friends.