I’m telling you, I can’t thank my photographer and friend Joanne Posse enough for telling me about a blog that I love! The Daily Om offers me so much inspiration and sage life lessons. It’s the best free thing that I have ever received.

A recent post there titled “Proactively Pursuing Success” is my favorite. I have it clipped out and posted to my bulletin boards both at home and at the office. It states:

“To reach for the brass ring, you need to believe it’s there. Even if you can’t see it, you can reach for it. Even if you can’t figure out how you’re going to get your hands on it, by keeping your vision focused and walking towards it, the way appears. The path and the end goal may not be visible until just before you reach it, but you must keep walking forward to see it”.

This post reminds me to be focused on my goal of getting myself out there each day with the hope that I will be noticed: in social media, or the radio, or on TV, and to have my book, Changed by Chance, Champion by Choice, published in 2014.

To keep me moving forward on my book quest journey, I’m collaborating with media specialist, Debbie Goetz of DG Media Connections who is scheduling me for various publicity opportunities.

An event that I had this week was a radio show taping with Brad Segall of WOGL FM. This airs this Sunday morning at 6:30 AM but the playback can be heard on their website at any time. I taped the show with my friend and yoga guru/ life coach, Jennifer Schelter I’m looking forward to more media events going forward.

I know that my brass ring is out there and I am determined to reach it, one step at a time.

Jennifer Schelter and Liz Barker

Jennifer Schelter and Liz Barker