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Sophia Stogiannis Jones – Champion by Choice

I first met Sophia when I attended a Femfessionals luncheon. Typically at our networking  luncheons we all share our “30 second Elevator Pitches” about what our business’ are. What I learned about Sophia was that she is a founding board member of the Philadelphia Femfessionals chapter and that she is a personal stylist for quality clothing manufacturer, J. Hilburn. My […]

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Choose to Be Your Own Champion

Ongoing my blog is going to have a feature called “Choose to be your own Champion.”

These feature articles are going to spotlight a variety of people that I encounter who are what I consider to be Life Champions. Perhaps like me, they were dealt life altering change, adversity or obstacles. But they too followed the “90/10 Rule” of reaction and […]

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Pink the Runway 2015

When October arrives, so does the famous “pink ribbon”.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The ribbon will be out in full force everywhere. It will adorn a wide variety of products, appear on lots of advertisements, and there will be charity galas and events. These worthy events support non-profits whose fundraising goals are to help with breast cancer: education, awareness, […]

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