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Fighting Cancer with Your Fork!

I had the pleasure recently of serendipitously (although I believe that there are no chance encounters in life – this was meant to be), re-connecting with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while, Mercedes Capizzi. Mercedes looked amazing and explained to me how she lost weight and why she looks so glowingly healthy. She is now a partner […]

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An Unexpected Surprise

I was invited to a business conference in San Diego recently. I felt fortunate because it would allow me to visit my son, who has re-located there, afterwards. I have a fondness for CA anyway and San Diego is my favorite city.

Because it was business and there’s never much free time to do anything fun, I didn’t check out the […]

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It’s in the cards ..or the stars

Over the years, I have found comfort in having spiritual and astrology readings done for me. Most times, sessions with reputable readers, can enlighten us about our souls, our journeys, our angels, and our life lessons. I’ve always been curious and fascinated with prophecies and mysticism. The bible is full of these and so are many other spiritual books. Foretelling […]

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