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Sophia Stogiannis Jones – Champion by Choice

I first met Sophia when I attended a Femfessionals luncheon. Typically at our networking  luncheons we all share our “30 second Elevator Pitches” about what our business’ are. What I learned about Sophia was that she is a founding board member of the Philadelphia Femfessionals chapter and that she is a personal stylist for quality clothing manufacturer, J. Hilburn. My […]

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Choose to Be Your Own Champion

Ongoing my blog is going to have a feature called “Choose to be your own Champion.”

These feature articles are going to spotlight a variety of people that I encounter who are what I consider to be Life Champions. Perhaps like me, they were dealt life altering change, adversity or obstacles. But they too followed the “90/10 Rule” of reaction and […]

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Angel Moments – Paying It Forward

“What inspired or motivated you write this book so long after these life experiences?”

This is a question that I am often asked by readers. Why did it take me so long to put pen to paper and to share my story, especially since there was a cryptic prophecy made to me about all of this 20 years ago?

Quite honestly, it […]

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