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Time = Money

I’ve been a Financial Advisor for over 25 years. So I am familiar with the expression “Time is Money” and how it’s applicable in life and savings. But it takes on a totally new meaning for me because it is also part of a great philanthropic benefit that my employer, RBC Wealth Management, offers to its employees.

My employer not only […]

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Leave It to Fate

I’d like to share this tender story about our dear friends, Dave, Pat and Jillian Patterson, with you. Their lives, like ours, were challenged by fate numerous times.

It was Pat & Dave who first befriended and mentored us shortly after our daughter, Lauren, was born, unexpectedly, with Down’s syndrome. All 3 Pattersons were role models for us with their kindness, […]

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In His Shoes

Most of you know that my favorite charities serve either special needs children or support women who have been touched by breast cancer.

The Arc Alliance is near and dear to me because they were the first ones to reach out to Jim and I after Lauren’s birth and the surprise of her having Downs Syndrome. As I chronicle in […]

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