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Musician, Life Champion…George Dennehy

Born without Arms,
Battling to Win and to Defy the Odds,
George is an International Musical Sensation!

One of the intentions of my blog is to share stories with you about everyday Life Champions.

Well, musician George Dennehy of VA is certainly a memorable champion!

I had the pleasure of meeting George through my longtime friends, Dave and Pat Patterson. The Pattersons founded award-winning Jillian’s […]

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In Honor of Lauren

It was mid-morning April 16th, 1986. A beautiful Spring day much like today. I was lucky to be in the end stages of a short, easy labor and delivery. For 9 months, we were excitedly awaiting the birth of our first child. Suddenly I was whisked to the OR and the scenario changed dramatically within minutes. Lauren Elizabeth Barker was […]

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Video for Changed by Chance, Champion by Choice

As publishing inches closer, I wanted to share a video to give you some insight into the inspiration behind my upcoming book.

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