IMG_4507Elizabeth is the author of her memoir “Changed by Chance” which chronicles an extraordinary sequence of life altering events that threatened to destroy both she and her family. The title references her victory theme of triumph over tragedy. “I may have been challenged and changed by fate, but I fought to be a champion.” She is a modern day heroine who survived by summoning her inner warrior.

The book is her journey of life lessons learned. It serves as an inspirational platform to motivate others to draw on their inner warrior to be their own advocate and champion when faced with seemingly impossible odds.

Elizabeth is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and guest appearances (live or taped). She authentically shares valuable insights into many topics including:

Breast Cancer

Author Liz Barker Changed by ChanceHer Breast Cancer story is different from many others. At diagnosis, she was: young (age 34), healthy and fit, and there was no family history of the disease. Her experience is also unique because she was pregnant! Courageously, she and her unborn son underwent surgery and chemo to fight the deadly cancer. Now, after 24 years, they have both defied doctor’s predictions and are vibrant and healthy. Elizabeth credits a holistic medical approach to her longevity.

Holistic Health – The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Liz can speak assuredly about how cancer impacted her holistically. How she transformed her life and her health to include: exercise, specifically yoga, nutrition, and reaching inward to summon the curative powers of positive thinking and affirmation. This approach is the key to her present good health and for her critical post-breast cancer healing.

Angel or Mystical Moments & Messages

With personal experience, Liz can share why they happen, and how to recognize and respond to them. There are no chance encounters in life. Stop, look and listen for them!

Learning to be Your Own Life Advocate

Liz shares her #1 Life Lesson – Learn to tap into your inner warrior when faced with challenges, whether they are: health, career, relationship, financial, etc.

“I may have been challenged and changed by fate, but I fought to save myself and my children’s lives to be a champion.”

Life Lessons and Survival Tactics

Learning the 3 R’s of survival tactics – Recognize, Research, then React to find your solution and to become your own life Champion.

Special Needs Children

Liz can dispel some common myths and speak positively about her experience as a parent of a special needs child with Down Syndrome.

Overcoming Loss of a Child – Dealing with Grief

Loss and grieving is a very personal experience for everyone. Liz can share her private moments of the heartbreak of losing a child, dealing with guilt, and overcoming grief.

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