Lauren Elizabeth Barker Time

And the story begins….

Lauren is bluish, lethargic, and unable to cry because she is gasping for breath. My dreamy pregnancy and easy labor has turned into a nightmare. Right then and there, our idyllic life has come to a screeching halt. Our years of working hard to achieve our version of the American dream, one that is supposed to culminate in parenthood and my role as a supermom, has been smashed and broken.

Changed by Chance Book on a BeachLauren’s birth marked an extreme turning point in our lives. And it was only the beginning…

From that day forward, we would never be the same again. That date was just the first step of a long, five year cycle of challenges and adversities. The tragedies that followed were going to take us on the roller coaster ride of our lives and school us in the dark secrets of life. We’d experience lessons that no formal education could have never taught us, nor prepared us to handle. It was the beginning of a rough era that would test my tenacity and my survival skills. Little did I know that soon, I’d be fighting for not only my life, but for the lives of my children as well.

My new reality became an obstacle course of life altering encounters, medical mishaps, skirmishes with bureaucracies, and finally a breast cancer diagnosis while pregnant. Throughout all of it, I battled to keep my sanity and some semblance of my former self alive.

Suitably titled, “Changed by Chance: My Journey of Triumph over Tragedy”, my book journals the intimate details of all that transpired. How I was able to summon my inner warrior to fight, survive and thrive. How I was enlightened to do a soul searching introspection that gave me the necessary life skills to Triumph over Tragedy and in particular, to recognize some of the mystical angel moments that often occurred, just in the nick of time to save me.

I am sharing my courageous story to encourage others to make the choice to be their own Champion. My hope is that my inspiring journey will offer a road map to others who may face their own bumps in the road.

From the Kirkus Review….

“The book is a heartbreaking, inspirational story of perseverance through a maelstrom of tragic events that Barker manages to triumph over.

The experiences in this book seem almost too harrowing to be true, yet the author’s intelligent, clear prose will keep readers grounded.

Readers who might scoff at her consulting an astrologer will likely change their tunes after she reveals how the traditional medical community repeatedly failed her.

It’s food for thought for every reader.”

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